Monarch of Santa Fe

Classic Collection
Unparalleled beauty.

Unrivaled artistry.

Unbelievably timeless.

Uniquely you.

The dazzling juxtaposition of colored stones, cut at daring angles and perfectly nestled together in a lush bed of gleaming silver, ignites curiosity, marvel and embraces culture. Inquisitiveness begs fingers to gently trace the inlay, feel the astonishingly smooth sets of each stone and gaze upon the brilliance of each sparkling heirloom Jewelry. Gaze with wonder upon the symbols that dance around every facet of a cuff, necklace, earring, pendant with the ancient petroglyphs entreating spirits for a bountiful harvest, prosperous rainfall, wisdom, beauty and gratitude for life. Carry these blessings with you and share your Santa Fe experiences with friends, family and those whose gaze prompts them to query about your Monarch masterpiece.

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