Dinosaur Turtle Island Love Bracelet

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Turtle Island Love Bracelet


My Inspiration when creating this Bracelet comes from an Indigenous Love Story.

There was a Young man Yearning to find his Beautiful Life Partner Here on Turtle Island*. As this young man walked through the woods praying and chanting to bring him his Life partner, he heard a woodpecker pecking diligently at a colorful hallow tree-branch; shades of golden, greens, blues, browns, and red hues. The most beautiful colored branch he has ever seen. Than A Soft gentle breeze blew gently through this colorful hallow-tree branch that the woodpecker was pecking at. The combination of the spirit breeze and magic holes set preciously by the majestic woodpecker created the most beautiful tune ever heard to his ears. He offered the tree a gift and gently took down the branch and create the first traditional love flute.

He Played this flute and a beautiful goddess appeared. In my bracelet, you will see a woodpecker pecking on a branch, a turtle that represents turtle island. Turtle Island* is the whole content of North and South America, us indigenous people believed we are walking on the back of a turtle.

This gorgeous one of kind hand made bracelet is made out of sterling silver, large center stone is brownstone Dinosaur bone found in Utah, the blues are Peruvian Opal, Red fire opal*, turquoise, black jet, and the red diamond shape stone is Dinosaur bone.

This bracelet can be tailored to fit any wrist size by adding and taking out pieces.

dimensions: 7″ long x 1″ wide

*Red fire Opal is lab-created and by far my most popular enjoyed for its brilliance, hues and durability.