Welcome to Monarch of Santa Fe

Thank you for visiting Monarch of Santa Fe, your source for artisanally crafted silver and precious stone jewelry. Indigenous designer and visionary, Melody Sauceda, is the Monarch herself, continuing a time-honored family tradition of creating wearable works of art. Her vision is fresh, elegant and timeless, and her designs add life, flare and class to any wardrobe.

Breathtaking silver cuffs with expertly executed gemstone inlay will capture your imagination and ignite your senses. Dazzling chandelier earrings reflect their radiance in the wearer. Unique materials such as hand-carved ancient mammoth bone create a sense of oneness with the world through the ages, perfectly embodying Monarch of Santa Fe’s inimitable ability to harmoniously blend traditional indigenous art of the past with an undeniably fresh and revolutionary flair that is unparalleled.

Please direct all questions about orders, pricing and booking shows to monarchcreate@gmail.com, (505) 819-3611



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